About Us

Aranmula chit funds pvt ltd came into existence in 2007, with an aim of providing microfinancial assistance to all families in Kerala. Our head office is located in Kozhencherry, the southeastern district of pathanamthitta with more than 10000 happy customers. We are registered under the indian chitty fund act 1982/40 and 2012 kerala chitty fund regulation. All our chitty are registered with local register office, hence your money is protected by law.

With 9 branches and more than 100 experienced highly professional staff “aranmula chit funds pvt ltd“ is a trusted name in the minds of thousands of peoples. Kerala Chit funds serve as a traditional savings and credit system, providing financial assistance to members for various needs, such as business ventures, education, or personal expenses.

There are different types of chitty in Kerala, such as short term chitty and long term chitty.

  1. Long-Term Chitty:
    • Duration: Extended period, often several years.
    • Purpose: Suited for long-term financial goals such as property investment, education expenses, or business ventures.
    • Payment Periods: Contributions and auctions occur over an extended timeline, allowing for a more extended savings and credit cycle.
  2. Short-Term Chitty:
    • Duration: Typically shorter, ranging from a few months to a couple of years.
    • Purpose: Geared towards immediate financial requirements like emergencies, debt repayment, or short-term investments.
    • Payment Periods: Contributions and auctions are condensed into a shorter timeframe, providing quicker access to the chit amount.